Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The other day I ran out to the car to grab something I'd forgotten. When I heard my 2 year old shut the door behind me my first instinct was to panic . . .was I locked out? Was she locked in? What if she got into [insert any sharp, poisonous or non-AAP approved item here]?

As I headed back toward the door,mind reeling, I was suddenly conscious that my hand was still holding something.


I had no need to worry. In the midst of my panic I had forgotten that my hand held everything I needed in that moment.

The Lord is very humorous - and obvious - in His lessons to me sometimes.

Having recently moved far away from friends, family and basically my huge circle of comfort I've experienced many moments of spiritual "panic": Loneliness, fatigue, doubt, sadness, impatience, etc., etc. (the list is l-o-n-g).

But, as the Lord so sweetly reminded me that day in the driveway, I have everything I need in Him. There's no need to panic.

So this is what I'm learning . . .

Lonely? Cry out to Him for comfort.

Fatigue? Ask for rest - whether it comes in a change of heart, perspective or circumstances.

Doubt? Request reminders and reassurance from the Spirit of His guidance.

Sad? Talk to the Lord about it.

Impatient? Confess and ask for grace and His strength.

When Christ lives in us, we have the keys we need. We're never locked out from his presence, comfort or help.

Praise the Lord for that!

Monday, October 20, 2008

More Persecution Talk . . .

This has been an interesting little conversation about persecution, compassion, etc. going on around here!

If you haven't been to yet I strongly urge you to GO. It has short summaries of current persecution news and then you can click to get the full story. It will open your eyes.

But, interestingly enough, the place where I saw the coverage about Christians fleeing Mosul in Iraq and then today about a Christian worker assassinated in Afghanistan by the Taliban was on Regardless of your opinion of the media, the bias, etc. I have to say that someone at is keeping an eye on this stuff and that's GREAT. (I looked on and couldn't find the same story.)

Regarding the Christians having to flee Mosul, the following quote breaks my heart. This is one of the Christian leaders there speaking:
Although “hopeful” about the situation of Mosul’s Christian community, Warduni did not hesitate to criticize what he calls the “silence” of the international community on the human rights of Iraq’s Christian community.

“I want to tell the developed world that from the outset no one has said anything,” he said. “No one is talking about the rights of Christians and minorities in Iraq. We are waiting for support from the outside, at least as human beings not only as Christians.”


Make you want to do something?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Compassion (or Persecution Part 2)

I love how the Lord works.

The other day I wrote the post on Persecution (see below) and our good buddy Brian made some wonderful comments that really got my wheels turning. Especially on how we as Christians treat those different from us.

That very evening I read the following that had popped up in my inbox. It's a daily email from James Robison about praying for our nation (see It was so good and so applicable to the discussion that I just wanted to post it in it's entirety:

The Soul of a Nation: Day 11 Loving Our Enemies

When considering the short list of America’s enemy states, certainly Iran would rank in the top five, challenging North Korea for the top spot. But Jesus said, “Love your enemies” (Matthew 5:44); so in December 2003, when reports came pouring in following the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Bam, Iran, Americans responded immediately and generously.

Alabama disaster relief workers were first on the scene. Iranians thought “Alabama” stenciled on the supply crates was our use of their language, meaning “God with us.” The impression of Americans bringing God to their aid speaks louder than any speech, commentary or treaty. It is life and love undeniable.

America should pursue such opportunities. Compassion could be the greatest weapon in our arsenal, because it so effectively encourages peace.

Compassion works. It does not always happen overnight, but ultimately love conquers all.

It’s not always easy to act with compassion. Please join me in reading Matthew 5:38-48. We need God’s help to shed our selfishness and clothe ourselves with righteousness and grace toward others. Take time today to ask God to bless you with eyes to see the world with compassion.

Lord Jesus, Your standards for us are high. The world teaches us to hate and destroy our enemies, but You say to love them, bless them and pray for them. This is so counter to what our hearts tell us to do. Remake our hearts, Lord. Give us Your heart so that we can move with love toward those who hate us. As you give us strength and opportunity to bless them, change their hearts toward us as well. Bring peace where there is hostility, unity where there is division. I do pray for our enemies, Lord. You see the anger and bitterness in their hearts. Reveal Your love to them and bring Your transforming healing. You alone are able to make something good tomorrow out of the evil that pervades today.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


So, if I ever write again about not having anything to write about just ignore me :-) Ever since that post I have continually run across various stories that have pricked my heart and moved me to share with somebody.

Lately my heart has been so burdened for our brothers and sisters around the world. I'm getting the feeling that I don't have half a clue what most of them endure daily just for the name of Christ.

It seems incomprehensible that persecution of Christians goes on in this present age. Here are some snippets I've found lately . . .take the time to read and ask how the Lord wants you to respond. I've been asking and I don't have an answer yet (well, besides this little bloggy post) but I know we need to be in prayer for our fellow Christians. The enemy is still prowling like a roaring lion. . .

Read here about Christians being threatened, killed and forced out of a region of Iraq (in the Ninevah province - sound familiar to anyone? We sometimes are silently critical of Jonah for being so afraid to go to Ninevah but who of us wouldn't have a similar response if asked to go there today in these conditions??)

This seems to be a reputable website detailing Christian persecution around the world (although I haven't checked it out thoroughly so let me know if you see something not right on there). Especially of note on this website is to read about the persecution in the Orissa region of India. Unbelievable. This is a quote taken from the news story:
The sustained violence, now running into its seventh week, has killed at least 52 people. Hindu extremists have also burned down 4,500 houses, 100 churches and 20 convents, as well as presbyteries and other Church institutions. About 50,000 people have been rendered homeless.

How have we NOT heard about this? It is so frustrating to me.

I know all this is nothing new but I feel like my eyes are just now being opened to what's really going on in this world. There is definitely a battle going on and our brothers and sisters NEED our intercession. Now that I'm aware - and will continue to seek information - not interceeding doesn't seem like an option.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Christmas Challenge (Yes - in October)!

So here I am musing about how I don't feel inspired to write much anymore on this blog when, lo and behold (what does that mean anyway??) something struck me today.

Randomly poking around the Internet I landed on this little snippet of a story (it's off of the Life Outreach International website . . .they're the ones that produce Life Today with James and Betty Robison if any of you watch that).

The gist of the article is a pastor's challenge to his congregation at Christmastime last year:

Spend half of what you did last year on gifts for friends and family.

With the other "unspent" half: Save 25%. Give the other 25% away.

This is not a huge sacrifice. This is doable. Um, haven't talked to hubby about it yet but it sounds like a great idea to me.

Anyone else onboard?