Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So This Is What It Looks Like

Yesterday was, shall we say, an "interesting" day in our household. Let's just say it involved a certain three-year old whom I love dearly acting very, well, THREE.

We are in quite a season in regards to that "three" behavior and it has become very wearing on me. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. Name it and it feels like it's been stepped on, unfrayed, put through a blender and then worn to a nub.

Anyone been there?

Back to yesterday. To top it off my darling daughter did not fall asleep until midnight. Her usual bedtime is 8:00. Yikes.

Needless to say I was not extremely hopeful when my alarm buzzed me out of bed this morning. I pictured a day where survival with a grumpy, sleepy, emotional preschooler would be just that if successful - survival. (If you think that's an overstatement spend an hour or so around a grumpy three-year old and you'll get my drift.)

I prayed a bit about it and went about my morning routine.

Then she woke up and I braced myself for the first battle of the day.

But she smiled. And laughed. And it's been the best day we've had in a LONG time.

As I was thinking on this anomaly, I was thankful for the peace in our household although it completely escaped my understanding. It simply didn't make sense that she would be 4 hours short on sleep and in the midst of a difficult phase yet be so pleasant today.


"And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

Philippians 4:7

Peace that passes understanding . . .

So that's what that looks like. It's so funny what the Lord uses to teach us His truths. This verse will never read the same to me now that I've seen a concrete example of inexplicable peace.

The Lord is so good! (And why am I always surprised when He says "yes" to my prayers?)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Procrastination = New Post

Well, after my 100 days of blogging I sure did fizzle out on here, huh? In my own defense it has been busier than usual in our little neck of the woods.

I've actually thought about this blog quite a bit and written at least a dozen new posts in my head. Now, getting them into the computer has been another story.

So, because things are still a little scattered around here and I can't think straight enough to post any one, well-thought out post . . .here's the Reader's Digest versions of what's been rambling around in my head lately:

*Over the past year or so I have really been convicted about the suffering and persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world. I have found the easiest way to keep them in the forefront of my prayers is to make this website my home page. Now everytime I turn on the computer to check email or whatever I'm first greeted with a list of current known persecutions and dangerous situations around the world. Just a quick glance and my heart is so sick for our co-heirs in Christ that I have to pray. Try it . ..

*Modesty. Ladies, I'm afraid this one's for you. I've blogged on this before (how visual men are - more so than I ever knew - and how our dress should not be a stumbling block to our brothers in Christ) but it's worth mentioning again. Driving recently, I passed a group of teenage girls advertising a fund-raising carwash. I know they thought they looked darling in their short-shorts but being on THIS side of 13 made me want to go cover them up with their towels. I wasn't aware at 13 either, but they have no clue what creepos are driving by leering at them. And even non-creepo men can hardly divert their attention. So: Ladies set an example for your friends, daughters and any other young girl in your life and dress modestly. Your beauty comes from within, remember? That's what they need to learn, too.

*Our society is profoundly and perhaps irreversibly backwards in their thinking. I recently saw a l-o-n-g commercial for the SPCA featuring lots of sad looking doggies and kitties. The main message of course was to save the animals. I love animals, I believe we are charged with a responsibility to take care of them. But what about save the HUMANS. How is it that some people get teary over animals losing their lives but support abortion? Incomprehensible. (Yes, it makes me angry! But I also know they have been "taken captive by hollow and deceptive practices" and we should pray for them.)

Hmmm. I seem to be on quite a rant today. Maybe I should stop here! We're actually in the middle of moving (close by, but still moving) and I'm thinking that I'm taking out my exhaustion on my poor keyboard. Um. I think I'll go engage in some chocolate therapy and get down off my soapbox now . . .