Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Reward

First of all, I have to say that y'all's responses to my last post cracked me up! Who knew anyone but me would find my random thoughts entertaining? (By the way, as a Texas girl living in Georgia I have double rights to use "y'all".)

Second of all, I made a HUGE mistake in that post and I cannot believe no one has called me on it yet! Or maybe you noticed and were too kind to point it out. At any rate, I'm not 'fessing up as to what it was. You know you want to go look now.

Tell you what. (Wow, I'm really breaking out the Texan-ese today.) The first person who catches this particular mistake and leaves it in a comment on this post deserves something. I haven't quite decided what yet, but I'm thinking along the lines of chocolate since that clearly consumed most of my post. ;-)

So: Find my mistake. Leave a comment. If you're the first correct one I will reward you with something yummilicious.

I make a pretty mean chocolate chip cookie, if I do say so myself. Or maybe I should send those Thin Mints that caused me so much trouble in the first place. Oops - did I really type that last sentence? Temporary insanity. I mean, y'all are awesome and all, but really. Who gives away Thin Mints?

I digress.

Where was I? Oh, right. Mistake, comment, reward. Happy reading!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh, The Randomness

Well, here it is. Six a.m., everyone is still asleep and I actually have time to sit and write a post. There's only one problem: The coffee has not made it's way to my brain quite yet and I cannot think of a decent post topic to save my life!

It would be shameful to let this perfect writing environment slip away in vain. Nevermind the fact that I have nothing to write about. Beside the point.

So to be a good steward of an absolutely quiet house I now present to you my list of completely random thoughts. And they are, oh, so random.

Sometimes my husband will look at a quiet me and ask, "What are you thinking about?" After 10 years of marriage you think he would have learned by now. I let him in to my deeply analytical mind and spend the next 5 minutes explaining how I was contemplating, let's say, chocolate. That would not surprise most of you that know me.

But not just the yumminess of my favorite food (Yes, food. Not favorite dessert, but favorite food. If you know me, you get this.) Who in the world was this first person who looked at the cacao plant and thought, "Hmmm. I bet if I pick that bean, grind it up and add some stuff it would be incredibly delicious." Did they try this with other beans? Did we almost end up with black-eyed pea fudge or pinto bean cake?

Oh, yes. That is the tip of the iceberg. About a nanosecond into said conversation I'm pretty sure hubby is making a mental note not to ask me what I'm thinking. Ever.

So, although you didn't ask, this is my blog and I can ramble on, pretending that you are still reading and that you are still highly interested in my list of randomalities:

1. You've seen the Gerber commercials that proclaim, "A baby changes everything."? So true. I never thought I'd see the day when, after a major coffee disaster, I would lament the lost coffee more than the stain it caused on the floor.

2. Considering my apparent love of chocolate, you may find this next statement odd: I have given up sweets for a week. That is painful to write. Let's just say it had something to do with a eating a shameful amount of Thin Mints. And when you look forward to the children waking up at night so you have an excuse to sneak downstairs for more, well, there might just be a problem. I actually put all sweets into a bag and had my husband hide them while I wasn't home. It took exactly 2 hours for me to decide this was a stupid idea. Super. Only 166 hours to go.

3. However, this is nothing compared to my all-or-nothing hubby. He once gave up fried foods for a year (and you bet we headed to Jack in the Box at 12:01 a.m. for french fries when it was over). That man of mine has really topped himself this time. He has also given up sweets. For a YEAR. No birthday cakes, no Ben & Jerry's movie night, no Hot Tamales. This is the man who, when we were dating, literally ate a package of Skittles and a Slurpee every single day. He is awesome.

4. It now occurs to me that my first three randomalities were all about food. Yikes. Moving on . . .

5. I never thought I would like an e-reader. But I am now officially hooked on my Nook - love it, love it, love it. The only downside is that it is WAY too easy to buy new books on that thing. Very dangerous for an avid reader. "What honey? There was a $483.21 charge to Barnes & Noble? Um, hey, look over there! Is that a huge box of Skittles?!" Exit stage left.

6. Kids are hilarious. For the longest time our almost-five-year-old has said that Acts was her favorite book of the Bible. A friend of mine asked her why and she replied, "Because an ax is an old-time tool and I like to play with my tools so that's why I like Acts." Love that girl.

7. The same daughter usually loves to have everyone go around the table at dinner and tell about their day. One night she was in a mood and wouldn't talk. So I decided to pretend I was her and told all about her day in my best imitation of her. She cracked up and then decided to tell about MY day in her best mommy voice. Want a fresh perspective on your day? Ask a preschooler. What I got was, "I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, took care of sisters, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, took care of sisters..."

8. Which is ironic because I really hate to clean. Company must have been coming.

9. I recently took up running again which I really do love. Except the last time I seriously ran consistently was when we lived in Texas. Where it is flat - like land should be - and I could go a decent distance before tuckering out. Georgia, um, not so flat. Hills make for gorgeous scenery but awful running!

10. Is anyone still actually reading this?? I'm impressed. Thanks, Mom.

This concludes my list of randomness. Not because I'm out of random thoughts. Oh, no, dear friends. That is impossible. But because my quiet, sleepy house is about to burst into action and I still have to do grown-up things like make breakfast and dress children.

Maybe my next post will have more coherent thoughts. Instead of just, well, thoughts. But no guarantees. Depends on how soon I get the coffee in my system and if I'm detoxed from the sweets yet. Hey, maybe the sugar is actually the secret to my writing. You know, kind of like Krypton to Superman. But opposite. Nevermind.

Did I mention there's no end to my random thoughts?? :-)