Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Great Post (Um, Not Mine)

I'm cheating at my own blog today. Rather than me writing anything (well, anything substantial) I'm directing you to someone else's blog who consistently blows my mind, often makes me teary and always makes me think.

Go read this post at Bring The Rain.

If you're not already familiar with this blog, the writer is Angie Smith. Her husband, Todd, sings in the Christian group Selah - which is an amazing group if you've not heard them. (Here's the link to their myspace page if you want to hear some song snippets.)

They have twin girls (age 5 or 6ish), a 3ish year old and then recently lost a baby girl soon after birth. This gal's faith blows me away. She has such a gifted way with words - eloquent but everyday. Challenging but never preachy. Convicted but full of grace and love.

Can you tell how much I love her blog??? Go check it out - I recommend even starting from the beginning and taking it a few posts at a time. But at least read the post about The Glorious Hem. It's a beautiful way to think about this life and the journeys we end up on . . .and also where we're going.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now What?

I started this post the Wednesday morning after the election . . .the beginning of this make more sense if you know that :-)

Well. It's over. What in the world will we all talk about NOW? :-)

I heard a great observation today on the radio. The DJ commented that most people were walking around today either on cloud nine or completely down in the dumps based on the outcome of yesterday's election. There's not a whole lot of in-between, apathetic feelings floating around right now.

And I think that's GREAT.

So what is our response now to all this as Christians?

I think first, no matter who you voted for we are called to pray. Pray for wisdom for President-Elect Obama as he considers who he will surround himself with. Pray that he will have a humble heart and listen for God's direction for our country. Pray for his protection as well as his family's.

This really isn't an option. We HAVE to pray.

But what else?

I think voting was just the beginning.

My prayer is that all this fervor and excitement we all felt during the election process will not die down but only increase. This government is not a monarchy - it's supposed to be a representation of the people. So wouldn't it make sense to let your leaders know what we the people are thinking? (I'm writing this just as much for myself since I have never been involved in politics.) Get informed on what's going on and let your reps know what you think.

Piggybacking on Brian's comment from the other day . . .if Jesus called us to love our neighbors then think about how that affects your view on immigration, poverty, etc. Jesus called us to take care of the "least of these" [Matt 25:40] . . . how does that affect those that can't afford insurance - who choose between medicine they need and food to eat for the week? What about the unborn? Tie that to the "loving our neighbor" command and I'm thinking that standing outside abortion clinics with graphic posters and hate signs really isn't the way to go here (Do you really see Jesus doing such a thing??).

Let's get involved in affecting the policies in this country without losing the two greatest commandments . . ."Love the Lord your God" and "Love your neighbor as yourself." [Mark 12:29-31]

Like I said, I'm writing this just as much for myself as anything. I'm horrible at getting involved in politics, knowing all the issues, etc. But maybe this is a good early New Year's resolution for some of us?

By the way - if any of you have favorite websites you use to keep informed, contact your reps, etc. then feel free to pass them along in the comments. And even if nobody does it's no excuse . . .we all know how to Google :-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Remember . . .

This is an amazingly exciting day for our country. By late tonight we'll (hopefully - barring any complications like in 2000) know who our next president is.

But I wanted to pass along some wisdom our pastor shared with us this past Sunday . . .

Yes, we have a responsibility to vote.

We should vote for who we believe morally and biblically can lead our country best.


No matter who is elected today, Tuesday, remember that God will still be on His throne Wednesday morning.

As Christians let us remember to pray, pray, pray for whomever is elected. That he will have open ears and eyes. And a humble heart willing to be led by our Lord in every decision.

Happy voting!!