Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hello Again

Well, then.

{Insert standard "wow-it's-been-forever-since-I've-posted" comment here}

(Really though - two years??)


Instead of a forever long catch-up post, let's see how I can best summarize the past two years . . .

Moving.  Not moving.  Moving maybe.  Definitely moving. U-Haul stinks.
Pregnant. What?! TWINS. What what??!!
Maybe homeschool.  Not homeschool.  Not school.  Awesome friend homeschools for me (see TWINS).
Happy to be in Texas again.  Desperately missing friends in Georgia.
Definitely homeschool.  All five children at home.  All.  The.  Time.
Insanity.  Someone MUST go to school. NOW.  Regain sanity.  At least for another day.
The End.

Wow.  Reading over that list makes me feel somewhat justified at the state of my brain these days.  I think it would be useful to have a wallet-size copy of my college diploma just so I could pull it out every so often and exclaim, "See!  I really used to be smart!"

This is not an exaggeration. The other day I went to retrieve our dinner from the oven (It was the fancy frozen pizza.  And by fancy, I mean Costco.)  Oven mitt in place, I opened the door and proceeded to pull out the molten hot rack.

With my bare hand.

Like, the one without the oven mitt.  Apparently, that's an important step I missed.  I'm sure I didn't need those layers of skin anyway.

Young people, appreciate those brain cells.

So, hopefully it won't be another two years until the next post.  Until then, I leave you with this little gem:

I had found these great Downton Abbey valentines and had a little too much fun hiding them in various spots for hubs to find that day.  Lady Mary hiding on the bag of coffee declaring "I'm to die for", Mrs. Patmore asking, "Wanna spoon?" . . .so much fun.  In fact, Mr. Bates continued to show up in interesting places for several days after Valentine's - it became a game of who could hide him in the best spot, because - really - what says love like Mr. Bates when you open the toilet lid??

I thought I had THE best place by far.  Hubs was headed out of town for a couple of days and I couldn't wait for him to discover Mr. Bates had traveled in his carry-on all the way to South Carolina.  Wife for the win!

But then a last-minute addition of toothpaste was necessary and my surprise was discovered before the bag even left the house.  Boo.  I was totally let down.

Until hubs observed that the last thing he needed was for TSA to open his bag and see this:

Because what would say "hilarious" like your husband being frisked down at the airport over a cryptic note declaring his innocence??  We all know what a great sense of humor those TSA agents have, after all!

Wife fail.

Well, I was ever so grateful he discovered his surprise before TSA did, even if it spoiled my fun.  Oh, but Mr. Bates is still alive and well in our home waiting to be discovered.  If you're ever here, just act normal if you happen to see him hanging around.  I can't have my surprise spoiled again!

And at this point I realize two things:
-I might be a tad competitive
-I might be having a bit too much fun with printouts of fictional characters

{whips out wallet-size diploma} See, I really used to be smart . . .