Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Spot

I am convinced that everybody needs a spot.

You know, a place to escape everyday life. To mentally vacation even if only for a few minutes.

My spot is on the back deck enveloped in the adirondack chair my dad made for us. The kelly green canopy goes as high and far as I can see. Feet (must be bare feet you know) are up on a bench stolen from the nearby picnic table. Head back, sunglasses on. No book, no iPod. I want to just sit and listen to nothing for a while.

Even if I can sit here for a few minutes I feel completely refreshed (although wishing I could stay much longer than I'm usually able).

So, I'm curious:
What's your spot??

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Wow - almost 2 months since the last post! I just can't seem to get motivated to sit, think and write. But I figured today I will at least sit and write - with as little thinking as possible. :-) So here are things rattling around in my head lately:

-It was the good Lord's wisdom to give kiddos a "trainer" set of teeth. They get all their trips, falls and accidents out of the way (mostly) before the "real" ones come in. This was a very good idea.

-I'm realizing sometimes my "small" prayer requests mean just as much to me as the "biggies". And it's almost harder to receive a "no" to a small request. But that's my human mind - I forget that there is no difference to God. It's not as if He'll say "yes" to a smaller request because it's easier for Him. There's no "easy" or "hard" for God. There just "is" or "isn't". (And could I use quote marks any more in this paragraph??)

-Spring - also a fabulous idea on the Lord's part! As if He needs my opinion, but still, I think it's pretty great.

-Baby monitors: a blessing and a curse.

-Did you ever wonder why there is no "Joseph" tribe in the Bible when he was one of Jacob's 12 sons? This did not occur to me until the other day and really bothered me until I figured it out. (And I'm not tellin' . . . hee hee!)

-Dead bird on back porch = Our doggie's idea of a "get well soon" present to her best bud, our 1 year old, after she took a fall. Very sweet in doggie world. Very gross in my world.

-Husband and I have very different ideas of camping. His includes a tent - all other equipment/facilities optional. Mine includes a camper/shelter, flush toilet and a real bed. We don't go camping together very often.

So. Sitting and writing. Very little thinking. Result: very random post. Maybe my brain will kick into gear one of these days . . .