Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Here's a Crazy Idea

So, in the name of trying to let go of control and let the Spirit lead more, I've been trying this crazy experiment around here.

Listening to the Spirit's nudges.

And then following them.

Ground-breaking stuff, yes? I know - it should seem so obvious.  But knowing you should do something and actually doing that thing are two entirely different critters, and I have felt quite convicted lately about my knowing vs. doing.  What good does all the thinking, learning and growing do if I keep it all in my head?  

The Spirit has been making this point lately in the most beautiful, loud, yet gentle ways possible.

For example, on Monday, I chose to listen to His prompting to text a friend and see if her sweet girl could come play with us for the morning.  I had to shut out all the reasons why I shouldn't - it was too early, they probably already had plans, maybe I'm too tired, etc.  Well, it wasn't, they didn't and I had an unusual amount of energy.

It seemed to me a simple win-win for the mommies - entertainment for my sweet girl so I could get housework done and a break for my friend stuck at home with never-ending construction and workers.

But, as the Lord's usual MO goes, He took it and multiplied it into SO much more.

Watching our two sweet ones play and giggle genuinely did my heart good - they were equally hilarious and just plain adorable.

When they sat down to lunch and both wanted to pray? Precious.

When they both thanked God for their "good friend" next to them? I think my heart exploded and I immediately praised the Lord for being so faithful in bringing us amazing, godly friends.

My heart was so full and my good, good Father had used two 5 year olds to fill it up.  Isn't that just like Him?!

When we returned our little guest to her home, my friend explained how she was able to have an extended conversation and prayer with another friend in need - something that probably wouldn't have been possible during a typical morning.

See what God did there?  He took such a small step of obedience and used it to bless FIVE people.

And please hear what I'm saying - this is not about my obeying, that itself only comes from the Lord.  It's about how He's teaching me that letting go and trusting Him doesn't always look scary.

In fact, sometimes it means He is wanting to show off His beauty, faithfulness and love for us.  He just needs a captive, willing audience first.

So, here's to crazy experiments, Spirit nudges, small obedience and a big God.

And, also, five-year-olds.  Definitely five-year-olds.

Because? I think I want to be five when I grow up.